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T.B. Macaulay and Mount Victoria Farm
Hudson Historical Society
Hudson , Québec


   This is the story of a
person, T. B. Macaulay (1860-
1942), an animal, Johanna Rag
Apple Pabst “Old Joe” (1921-
1933), and a place, Mount
Victoria Farm, Hudson
Heights, Quebec.
   T. B. Macaulay, President
of Sun Life Company from 1915
to 1934, bought Mount

Victoria Farm in 1900. It was
simply a country home and
hobby farm until the 1920s
when Macaulay bought “Old
Joe,” a prize-winning
Holstein bull, and six pure-
bred Holstein cows. By
applying the principles of
genetics, which guided his
actuarial tables at Sun Life,

Macaulay was able to create
an excellent herd. Members of
this herd, which was
dispersed upon his death in
1942, are the ancestors of
most pure-bred Holstein
cattle in the world today.

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