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Lake Country Museum & Archives tiennent à remercier les organisations et les personnes suivantes :

  • The Greater Vernon Museum and Archives
  • The Kelowna Public Archives
  • The Okanagan Historical Society
  • BC Tree Fruits and BC Fruit Growers Association
  • The Okanagan North Growers Cooperative Packinghouse
  • Accurate Translations
  • Les directeurs et bénévoles du Lake Country Museum : Elaine Pybus, Directrice/Rédactrice; Mike Jervis, Chercheur/Rédacteur; Ian Pooley, Chercheur; Addie Maehara, Directrice; Laura Neame, Directrice/Archiviste; Rosemary Carter, Directrice/Entrevues; Robert Hayes, Directeur; Eleanor Geen, Vice-présidente; Matt Palsson, Archives; Lucas Anderson, Archiviste adjoint; Vicky Mulholland, Chercheuse; Carol Thomson, Directrice/Webmestre; Dr Duane Thomson, Président; Shannon Jorgenson, Directrice du musée.
  • Les Belles des pommes et leurs familles, dont Winnie Heyworth; Gwen Roswell; Bea and Sus Taiji; Herb and Dawn Fallow; Jimmie Medvedeff; Bill Kenney; Ruth Whitson; John Towgood; Alan Gatzke; Ken Ellison; Ross McDonagh; Mieko Kawano; Margaret Yamamoto; Richard Kobayashi; et la communauté de Lake Country (Colombie-Britannique).

Sources bibliographiques :

Publications : History of Fruit Growing in the BC Interior, Royal BC Museum Living Landscapes website; A Fruitful Century, BCFGA 1990; Klakokum, Brian Wilson, 1976; Reminiscences of a Nonagenarian, Clement Battye, 1986; A Rich and Fruitful Land, Jean Webber, 1999; Coldstream, Donna Wuest, 2005; Deep Roots, Strong Branches: The History of SunRype, de Sharron Simpson et Ian Greenwood, 2007; Okanagan Historical Society (OHS) Report#65 , Never a Dull Moment, de Sam Pearson, 2001; OHS Report#78, Working Women in the Early Packinghouse, de Brianna Shannon, 2014; Modern Methods of Packing Apples and Pears, de A. McNeill, Chief, Fruit Division, 1913.

Manuscrits non publiés : Student Essays: History of Winfield from 1939, auteurs multiples; Oyama Timeline: 1871 to 1995, Ken Ellison; Apple Wrapper Flappers: Women Fruit Packers in the Kelowna Area 1913-1950s, de Michael Gourlie, 1988; Toshiharu Toda, de Amy Toda Miyaka, correspondance, 2012; Mary White’s Memories of Growing up in Winfield in the 30s and 40s; The Autobiography of Harold David Butterworth; The History of Waitamata: The Towgood House, Vera Towgood; Winfield: A History, June Vreeswijk; Fichiers thématiques, Lake Country Museum & Archives.

Fonds : Fonds Ian Greenwood; Wood Lake Canning Company; Kelowna Growers Exchange; Winoka Cooperative Exchange; Fonds Cliff Fallow; Fonds Seaton Fruit Company; Rapports annuels de la BC Fruit Grower’s Association; Fonds Mary White Carne, lettres et albums de Dorothea Allison, Collection Heddle.

Journaux : Lake Country Calendar, Vernon News, Kelowna Daily Courier, Vancouver Daily Province.